AHC and Bill Mulrow Work Toward Affordable Housing for New York Residents

Posted by Admin | August 1st, 2013

Promoting affordable housing in New York has always been a priority for Bill Mulrow. As the Chairman of the New York State Affordable Housing Commission (AHC), Mulrow can put his passion for public service to work on behalf of low-income individuals throughout the state. AHC’s mission is to provide charities, nonprofit corporations and government agencies with the funding necessary to build multi-family housing units and to rehabilitate existing ones. The agency also provides financial support for the construction of single-family homes designed specifically for lower-income buyers.

Creating Pathways to Home Ownership

Under the leadership of Bill Mulrow, the AHC continues its mission by funding grants to city agencies and nonprofits that sponsor new construction or home improvement projects for low-income residents of New York. Historical preservation societies, religious organizations and neighborhood development associations are among the most common recipients of these grants, but many other nonprofits and municipal organizations participate in and benefit from the grant programs administered by the AHC. The ultimate goal of these agencies is to provide affordable housing options and home buying opportunities for lower-income families living and working in the state of New York.

Revitalizing New York Communities

Another part of AHC’s work is the funding of home improvement and neighborhood revitalization efforts to improve the standard of living for many New York residents. Bill Mulrow and the AHC team provide a solid financial foundation for these efforts and are committed to ensuring the most practical options for affordable housing throughout the state.

AHC is a valuable resource for any agency or organization interested in improving the quality of housing throughout the urban and rural areas of New York. By applying for grants from this state agency, nonprofits and municipal governments can obtain the funds they need to construct or renovate affordable housing for the benefit of all.

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